Looking at Data

[This is a page of links for a 30 minute session on Data that I’m doing tomorrow.]

Data Trends: Structured, Visual, Interactive

Data and Tools

Your Own Statistics

  • Flickr Stats — If you have a Flickr Pro account and turn on statistics recording, you can explore your Flickr Stats in many ways.
  • Boatwright Library at a Glance — Visual presentation of statistics
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art — Visual data widgets provide access to a wide variety of counts and statistics, with the ability to drill down and get more detail, select by department, follow by feed and much more. This site is built on Drupal and has been released as the open source museum-dashboard
  • Google Spreadsheet Gadgets — Google makes it easy to create data gadgets in different formats, and offers more powerful tools through Google Code

Sample Motion Chart from Google Spreadsheets

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