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Beyond Charts and Graphs

For my What’s New with What’s New presentation for the Boston Regional Library System:

Data Presentation Links

There are many sites that are providing people with access to huge sets of data, and to new and interesting ways to visualize and interact with that data.

Here are a few links that show data in action:

  • Google Flu Trends — Search engines like Google perform millions of transaction every day. Those search terms are stamped with their date and time and geolocation, providing a rich source of information about what’s happening in the world. Google Flu Trends is an example of how tracking trends from search terms rather than through traditional polling and reporting methods.
  • NameVoyager — Explore trends in baby names in an interactive, graphical format. Be sure to scroll around the graph, use the limiters, and enter a name to search!
  • GovTrack.US — Compare versions of the Stimulus bill with changes highlighted, wiki-style
  • Head-to-Head Vote Comparison — Choose any two Senators or Representatives and compare their voting records

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