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Twittering Books to LibraryThing

LibraryThing has added a handy new feature, the ability to add books to your account using Twitter. You just add your Twitter ID to your profile and then add titles by send tweets in the specified format directly to LibraryThing’s LThing account.

Here’s an example:
D LThing 0803243189 #wishlist #memoir

Screenshot of Adding Books to LibraryThing via TwitterThis message tells LibraryThing to add the book with this ISBN to my library and to add the tags wishlist and memoir. LibraryThing’s system checks for new messages every two minutes, so books are added almost instantaneously. You can also send a title rather than an ISBN. LibraryThing checks Amazon and will use the first matching record if there are multiple editions. (Of course you can always check the records and edit them later.)

This is just another easy way for people to interact with LibraryThing. It makes it easy, for example, for people browsing in bookstores, libraries or elsewhere to add interesting books to their LibraryThing wishlists to follow up on later. I’d like to see in our library system so that people could easily place titles on reserve, or at least add them to a list on the system where they could manage them later. Of course, some of our users may maintain wishlists on LibraryThing of books they plan to request from the library.

Twitter Your Books to LibraryThing — Here are the details on the LibraryThing blog

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