Time.Comix did an interesting article on the silver anniversary of graphic novels in 2003. Unfortunately for us, the writer highlights the late recognition by librarians of this art/literary form right in the first sentence :

“‘You mean like pornographic?’ queried the startled librarian when I asked for help researching articles about graphic novels. She had never heard the term for book-length comics used before.”

Beyond that, it’s a great article, though, with some links to some other really interesting stuff, like Time’s list of the Best Comics of 2006, a list of Five Gripping Graphic Novels for Grownups, and an article called War on Terror; The Terror of War about “The Pride of Baghdad” and the graphic adaptation of the 9/11 report.

Unfortunately, on March 18, Time columnist Andrew D. Arnold announced that he’s leaving Time.com and that this is End of Time.Comix. I hope that Arnold starts his own website/blog on this subject (he says he might) or that Time.com finds someone else to continue this work on their site. Or both!

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