Upcoming and Flickr : Connecting Events and Photographs

Upcoming is a popular site for sharing information about public events. Libraries should consider setting up accounts on this site so they can enter their own event information, and monitor their library’s listing as a venue. If you don’t enter your own events, you may find that someone else posts the information, and it’s always better to have control of your own information.

When you post events Upcoming, your library users can easily add them directly to their calendars with just a click — Upcoming can export directly to the Yahoo, Google and 30Boxes calendar sites, or in Outlook or iCal formats, and there are feeds for every user and every venue. You can also use the wizard to create a badge, or snippet of Javascript to add upcoming event listings to your website or blog automatically. There’s a sample of this at the end of this posting.

Upcoming and Flickr are both now owned by Yahoo, and there’s an easy way to connect your Upcoming event listings and your Flickr photographs. Go to any event listing, look at the Photos option and click on Add Your Own. You’ll see a special tag that looks something like this: upcoming:event=258059. Add this tag to one of your images on Flickr, and two things will happen…the photo will appear as part of the event listing on Upcoming, and an event notation will appear on the Flickr page.:

If you click on the photo in Upcoming, you go to the Flickr page, and if you click on the event name in Flickr, you go to the event page in Upcoming. This is not only a way to connect all your own photographs with your event listing, library users can add their own photographs to your event listings.


Sample Upcoming Badge

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