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Spell with Flickr

Here’s a fun little Flickr toy to play around with. You enter a short piece of text, and get it back spelled out in photographs, like this example:

N O B is for Benefica on Bernard L E

The letters are all photographs that have been posted to the One Letter Flickr group. If you don’t like what you get, try reloading a few times. You can also click on a single letter to see a replacement.

Once you have a version that you like, you can copy and paste the code to any page, as I have done here. Each image is properly linked to its Flickr page, which is part of Flickr’s terms of service.

You could use this to make a heading for a webpage, if you liked the effect. (How about for the announcement for a scrapbooking program?) I think it would also be a lot of fun for kids to play around with — just guessing based on how much fun I have had with it!

This is one of the many tools and toys that are possible because of Flickr’s API, which allows outside developers to write programs that interact with data on Flickr’s site.

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