Picnik: Easy Photo Editing Online

There’s nothing that enhances your library website more than photographs, and whether you’re taking them yourself with a digital camera, hiring a professional or using volunteers, or finding great shots on Flickr, you should have plenty to choose from.

But to make photographs look their best on your pages, a little editing can make a big difference. You really need a simple, quick way to do just a few basic things : resize a picture, crop a picture, and make simple adjustments to color and light. There are many commercial and free image editing programs out there, from powerful Photoshop on the high end to the free and easy Picasa.

But for these basic fixes, you might want to consider one of the new web-based services. My favorite is Picnik, a simple and elegant Flash-based service. It integrates well with Flickr and other services. You can use it to take a photo from your PC, edit it, and upload it directly to Flickr, or to take a photo from your website, edit it and save it to your PC, or to take a photo from your Flickr account, edit it, and save it back to Flickr. Since it’s web-based, there’s no software to download and upgrade, and you can use it from any PC on the web, an important factor for many librarians.

Links :

    Picnik — Connect to Picnik, play around and set up a free account

    Picnik Screenshot — See a typical editing screen

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