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Easy Tool for Making Motivational Posters

The Motivator, one of many fun and useful tools available from fd’s flickr toys, makes it easy to create digital versions of those motivational posters with the black borders and inspiring words.

The example posted here is one of a series of posters made for National Library Week by students at the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library of Phillips Academy Andover working with Sara Ciaburri, Instructional Librarian. You could also use this for many other purposes, of course. It’s so fast and easy to use, it would be fun to show kids and teens and have them come up with their own ideas.

This tool was designed to work seamlessly with Flickr, finding photographs from your Flickr photostream and uploading your poster back to your Flickr account, but you can also just use it to work with photographs on your own PC. Using it couldn’t be much simpler — fill out a form with your text and a few basic choices like orientation and font, and you’re done.


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