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For my What’s New with What’s New presentation for the Boston Regional Library System:

Libraries on Flickr

The Reader

Advice for Libraries on Flickr

  • Read the Flickr Terms of Service, take the Tour, read the FAQ
  • Make sure you understand privacy and copyright settings
  • Be creative and have fun
  • Capture everyday life at the library as well as the special events
  • Step outside for some exterior shots of the building and grounds
  • Include weather and seasonal pictures
  • Add historic images to Flickr, even if they are also in another system
  • Highlight every library service
  • Include the whole staff, volunteers, trustees, etc. (but respect the camera-shy!)
  • Have a plan and a policy for photo permissions, and respect the right to privacy
  • Add information and links to your image descriptions, and use the map and tags to help make your pictures findable
  • Add your images to Flickr groups, especially the local and regional groups
  • Consider starting groups for the library and/or the community
  • Use online toys and tools to enhance and transform your images (add frames, make posters, use special effects, etc.)
  • Use Flickr badges to add rotating content to your library sites
  • Link from your Flickr pages to your website, and from your library site to Flickr badges
  • Keep an eye on your Flickr stats, and report them with other library statistics

Flickr as a Resource

  • The Flickr Commons — The Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, and several other museums and archives around the world are adding collections of images with no known copyright restrictions to Flickr, where members not only enjoy the images but help catalog them.
  • Camera Information on Flickr — Flickr can be an interesting consumer resource. See what cameras Flickr members and using, and see examples of different kinds of pictures taken with each camera.
  • Photographs for Your Website from Flickr — How to search for photographs that you can use without permission

Enhance and Extend

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