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Give Online Photographs a Fancy Frame

Nina  -- Museum Matte versionGive your online photographs a high-class look with an elegant mat and frame. This is a nice way to display photographs you’re using for a special online exhibit or display, and is especially nice for library photography contests.

There are several cool tools that make it simple to add these mats and frames. One of the easiest is Matte, on of several quick and handy tools at the Big Huge Labs website. You can upload a picture from your PC, Flickr or another website, adjust the width of the frame and mat, turn on the options for beveling and add a credit if you like, click Create, and then either download your framed masterpiece, or upload it directly to Flickr. If you’re looking for something a little different, there are other tools at the Big Huge Labs website that can do other kinds of frames and poster effects.


  • Matte — “Add a museum-style matte to your digital images”
  • Framer — “Choose from tons of unique frames to spice up your photos. Remember, if you frame it, it’s art.”
  • Motivator — Turn photographs into motivational posters

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