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Chelmsford Public Library’s Gingerbread Library

The staff of the Chelmsford Public Library participated in the The Gingerbread Express: A Train Runs Through It… a Gingerbread Village Display to Support Greater Lowell Habitat for Humanity. They created two buildings, the great, edible version of the original Adams Library shown here, and also the McKay Branch. The Gingerbread Village will be on display at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Chelmsford on December 1 and 2.

Gingerbread Library
Gingerbread Library
(Photograph on Flickr from the Chelmsford Public Library)

It’s great to see public libraries taking part in this sort of community event, and I love the fact that they put these pictures on Flickr, where I know they’ll inspire others to create their own gingerbread libraries!

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