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Flickr Badges for Your Website

Flickr badges are an easy way to add Flickr images to your website. Once you’ve added the right snippet of code to your pages, they will display new or random assortments of pictures from your library’s Flickr account. This can be a really easy way to keep your pages looking fresh and interesting, and to have your pages display new photographs as soon as you add them to Flickr.

You create the badges using a wizard on the Flickr website which you can find on the Tools page. There are options for an animated Flash style badge, or an HTML badge with several option. You can select content from a group, a set, by a tag, or using a combination. For the HTML badges, you can choose to use the most recent photos or a random assortment, and you can choose how many photos to display. For either badge style, you can choose colors and borders, or with some knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can style it yourself.

There are many options for setting these up, so be creative! This is a great way to showcase a lot of pictures, and people may follow the links to your Flickr account to see more. This works great for photographs of library events, displays, etc., but consider also using this as a way to display some of your historic images as well.

Create a Flickr Badge — Here’s the link to Flickr’s wizard for creating badges. It’s somewhat hidden on their website, on the Tools page. You’ll need to log in first to use this feature.

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