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Firefox Extensions for Webmasters

One of the great things about the Firefox browser is that there are so many great extensions to add all sorts of new features. Many of these can help you design, maintain and improve your library’s website. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Web Developer Toolbar — This extension adds a large set of useful functions for working with your website, including the ability to outline or label various elements; to disable Javascript, images, etc.; to view and edit a copy of a stylesheet and see the results, and much more.
  • MeasureIt — This handy little extension makes it easy to measure any element or section of a web page
  • ColorZilla — This extension allows you to quickly identify color information about any point on your browser screen, create your own palette of favorites, and use other handy color tools
  • LinkChecker — Quickly checks and color-codes the links on the current page.
  • Fangs — If you’re working on accessibility issues, this extension shows you how a page looks when parsed by the JAWS program.

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