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CardCow : Postcards for Sale (and More…)

Vintage Postcards from sells vintage postcards and collectibles, worth checking out if you’re interested in adding to your library’s postcard collection. But even if you don’t plan to buy anything, this can be a very interesting site, useful for reference and worth sharing with your users. They have a lot of postcards for sale, but even after a card is sold, the image and listing stay on the website as a resource, and they have built up quite an impressive collection of images. You can browse by category, or search the listings. The cataloging isn’t perfect — there are currently eight cards listed for Magnolia and five for Mangolia — but you can usually find what you’re looking for one way or another. They list the date if a card has a postmark, and include images of the backs of the postcards, which is a nice touch.
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Yelp and Other Local Information Sites

Has your library been Yelped? Yelp is a community-based directory service with listings for all sorts of businesses and institutions. By “community-based” I mean that this is yet another popular website in which users sign up for accounts and provide all the content — add and
edit listings, add photos, add reviews, etc.

A few of our libraries have listings including a few reviews. The review for Danvers says:

“the library is great and has a nice selection of books. I am addicted to, where you can order any book from member libraries. It is the greatest innovation.” | Yelp Listing and Review

But my favorite library review is for the Somerville Public Library, which says:

“One thing I have noticed about the Somerville Library is the uniform friendliness and cheerfulness of their staff, a far cry from your stereotypically surly librarian.” | Yelp Listing and Review

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