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Firefox Extension : Send to Phone

Here’s a handy little Firefox extension that can be really useful. It adds a little cellphone icon to your Firefox browser. Click on it, and you get a pop-up window that lets you send a text message to your own phone or anyone else’s as long as you know their number and carrier.

I mostly use this to send messages to own phone, things I’d otherwise write on little scraps of paper and lose. I copy and paste meeting information like addresses and room numbers, just as a backup to my memory, or titles of books or articles I want to check out. It’s easy to copy and paste from webpages or e-mail, or if I just need to send a reminder to myself or someone else, it’s easier for me to type it in from the keyboard than to use the phone’s keypad. The window shows you how many characters you’ve used, so you’ll know if your message is going to get split into parts.
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