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Book Burro

Book Burro is a Firefox extension extension that works on Amazon and some other book sites. When you are on the information page for a book, Book Burro adds a little box which shows the price information for that book on other bookselling sites, and the availability of the book at nearby libraries.

For example, when I look up a book on Amazon, the semi-transparent yellow Book Burro bar appears in the upper lefthand corner of the screen :

If I click on the bar, it opens up to show me links, availability information for library catalog and prices for other booksellers. Yes for a library catalog means the title is in the catalog; there’s just a blank if the title is not in the catalog. For a bookseller, the price is listed if the title is available, and there’s a blank if it’s not. Book Burro works on ISBN, so it won’t work on titles without ISBNs, which includes most media materials, and it won’t be able to detect other editions of the same work.

Clicking on the link will take me directly to that title’s page on the library catalog or bookseller’s site.

After you download the extension, you will have a Book Burro option in your Firefox Tools menu. Select this to customize which bookselling sites and library catalogs you want to search. You can also click on the Tools icon on the yellow Book Burro bar to change the settings at any time.

For NOBLE, you can select any scope to search a single library or combination of libraries, or the entire catalog.

There’s also an option for WorldCat. If you enter your zip code here, for each search you’ll get links for the five closest libraries who own the title, based on WorldCat holdings (which may not be complete.)

Book Burro — This is a link to the Book Burro home page, which has more information about this Firefox extension, and the download link.

If you are currently running an older version of Book Burro, including the original Greasemonkey script, you should remove it before downloading the current version.