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Nerd World Article on Manga

Nerd World: In Which I Read Some Manga — Lev Grossman posted this article on Time’s Nerd World blog about his first the manga series Death Notes. I thought it was interesting because unlike most of the articles about this topic, it’s not written from the perspective of fan, but someone who admits that he’s been avoiding manga until now:

I would see the books lying around, but they’re kind of off-putting. They’ve got all these symbols and icons on them, all that kanji, and the paper quality is so awful, and they have words like Shonen Jump on them. And they all look alike. Plus they’re, you know, backwards. (It took me a few pages to figure out that you read the panels from right to left. Oops.) And I don’t really know how to pronounce manga.

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Time.Comix did an interesting article on the silver anniversary of graphic novels in 2003. Unfortunately for us, the writer highlights the late recognition by librarians of this art/literary form right in the first sentence :

“‘You mean like pornographic?’ queried the startled librarian when I asked for help researching articles about graphic novels. She had never heard the term for book-length comics used before.”

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