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Great Article: Reading Dickens Four Ways

Great article by Ann Kirschner in the June 12 edition of The Chronicle Review on the various ways we read today :

Reading Dickens Four Ways — “How ‘Little Dorrit’ fares in multiple text formats”

When Ann Kirschner’s book group decided to read “Little Dorrit,” she has to decide how she wants to read it — in book form, on the Kindle, on the iPhone or as an audiobook. Each format has its advantages and disadvantages, as she discovers, and each has its passionate advocates.

“That’s the worst accusation: that I am not a serious reader. Not guilty! I love books as much as anybody. But I love reading more. It is the sustained and individual encounter with ideas and stories that is so bewitching. If new formats allow us to have more of those, let us welcome and learn from them.”