Search Tips for the NOBLE Catalog

  • Be specific: use the dropdowns for format and search type to focus your search.
  • Use what you know. If you can’t remember the title of John Steinbeck’s book about the trip he took with his dog, just enter steinbeck dog and see what you find.
  • You don’t need to add AND to a search — the catalog always searches all the words you enter.
  • There are no special words that are ignored in catalog searches. Short, common words like and, or, not, a, an, the, etc., are searched like any other words.
  • You can put quotation marks around two or more words to search them as a phrase. For example, “new england” will only find records with that exact phrase, and not something like a book called England and the new global economy.
  • Capitalization and word order don’t matter: Abraham Lincoln, abraham lincolm and lincoln abraham are all the same search. If you put quotes around a word or phrase, the system will only find exact matches, including punctuation.
  • Periods, commas and other punctuation between words is ignored and can be dropped from a search. Hyphens are treated as spaces, so a search for HARVARD-YALE GAME is the same as a search on HARVARD YALE GAME.