Search Results

The search results are a list of relevant works from the catalog. If there are many results, they are divided into several pages. At the top of the list, you can see the total number of results and the number of pages. Click Next on the right, at the top or bottom of the page to move through the pages.

Brief information about the title, such as author, edition, publication date, etc. is displayed under each title.

Clicking a title goes to the title details. Clicking an author searches all works by the author. If you want to place a hold on the title, click Place Hold to the right of the title.

At the top, above the results list, there is a Limit to Available check-box. Checking this box will filter out those titles with no available copies in the library or libraries at the moment. Usually you will see your search results are re-displayed with fewer titles.

The Sort Results drop-down list is next to the Limit to Available check-box. Clicking an entry on the list will re-sort your search results accordingly.

From this Search Results page you may also choose to perform Another Search (new search or start over) or perform an Advanced Search.

Viewing a Record
Click on a title to view a detailed record of the title, including descriptive information, location and availability, and options for placing holds. At the bottom of the record you will see how many copies are at the library or libraries you have selected, and whether they are available or checked out. Also displayed are the Call Number and Shelving Location for locating the item on the shelves.

Search Additional Items by Author, Subject or Series
You can search for additional items by an author, one of the subjects in the record or other works in the same series. Clicking the author, subject or series will start a new search in the catalog.