Creating Lists of Records

The My Lists feature lets you create temporary or permanent lists of records from the catalog.

A temporary list is like a shopping cart where you can put records you may be interested in so you can look at them again in the same session. You don’t need to be logged in to your account to create a temporary list, but even if you are, when you log out, the temporary list disappears.

A permanent list is one you intend to keep and look at in the future. It can be a wish list of books you’d plan to read but that you’re not ready to place holds on right now, or a list of books and other material that are related to a school project, upcoming vacation or new hobby. You can have several different lists, give the each names and descriptions, add and remove titles at any time, an even add notes for titles as you add them to the list. By default, your lists are private, but you can share them to make them public, and send a link to your list to a friend, post it on Facebook or link to it from a blog or website.

Create New Lists

  1. Log in to your account in the catalog.
  2. Search for titles.
  3. Choose a titleand click on Add to My List.
  4. Scroll up to the top of the Search Results. Click View My List.
  5. Items are added to a temporary list.
  6. The Actions for these Items menu on the right side of the screen shows the actions that you can apply to this list. You can place holds on items in your temporary list; remove items from the list; or move selected items to a permanent list.

    To place a hold or remove items from the list, check the box next to the title, and click on the matching link.

  7. To move selected items into an existing list, check the box next to the title, and highlight the list where you want to move the item.

    If you do not want to place the item into an existing list, you can create a new list. Enter the name of the new list, and add a description if you’d like.

  8. Click Submit.
  9. The new list appears beneath the temporary list.
  10. Select the title(s) of the items that you want to add to the list, and click Actions for these items. Select the permanent list that you created from the drop down menu.
  11. Click Go.
  12. Your existing lists appear. Click on a list to view the items in the list. You can sort the items in the permanent list. You can also add, edit, and remove notes.
  13. Click Edit to add or edit a note.
  14. Enter desired notes, and click Save Notes.v
  15. You can keep your list private, or you can share it. To share your list, click Share, and click the orange RSS icon to share through an RSS reader. You can also click HTML View to share your list as an HTML link.
  16. You can also download your list into a CSV file by clicking Download CSV.