Basic Search

The catalog home page contains a single search box for you to enter search terms.

You have the option to choose the format of the material that you’re looking for: Book, Video, Music Recording, etc.

You can also choose any of these search types:

  • Keyword — Finds the words you enter anywhere in the entire record including title, author, subject, publisher, notes, etc.
  • Title — Finds the words you enter in the title of a work
  • Author — Finds the words you enter for names listed as authors, editors, illustrators, translators, narrators, composers, directors, actors and other people or organizations who are credited as having helped create the work
  • Subject — Finds the words you enter in the subject headings assigned to a work
  • Series — Finds the terms you enter in the title of a series.

If you are using a catalog in a library or accessing a library’s online catalog from its homepage, the search will return items for your local library. If your library has multiple branches, the result will display items available at your branch and all branches of your library system separately.

You can also choose to search the whole NOBLE network, or to limit your search to a particular library. There are also options in the list to limit to special groups like all public libraries, all academic libraries, all children’s collections, all teen collections or all adult collections.