Advanced Search

You can access the Advanced Search by clicking Advanced Search on the NOBLE catalog home page or from the search results screen.

The available search options are the same as on the basic search page, but you may combine the different options for a more targeted search. If you want to combine more than three search options, use Add Search Row button to add more search input rows. Clicking the X button will close the search input row.

You can specify a format if you’re only looking for books, videos, sound recordings, etc. You can hold down the control key to select multiple formats.

You can limit to material in a specific language. You can hold down the control key to select multiple languages.

Sort Criteria
By default, the search results are in order of greatest to least relevance, but in the sort criteria box you may select to order the search results by relevance, title, author, or publication date.

Search Library
Use the dropdown list to limit your search to a single library, collection or special group

Publication Year
You can use this option to limit to things published before, after or during a particular year

Limit to Available
Use this checkbox to limit to items which are currently available for use