NOBLE Catalog Help

Logging in to Your Account

  • Resetting Your Password — On May 29, 2012, NOBLE libraries moved to a new library system. Passwords from our former system were encrypted and could not be transferred to the new system, so all users will need to reset their passwords in order to login to the system for the first time. (You can also follow the same procedure if your forget your password.)

Searching the Catalog

  • Search Tips — Here are some tips for search our new library catalog
  • Basic Search — How to use the search box on the catalog home page
  • Advanced Search — How to use the advanced search screen to create a more specific search
  • Search Results — Understand the list of search results
  • Lists — You can create temporary or permanent lists of titles from the catalog, which you can keep private or share with a link.

Requesting Items

You can request items from other NOBLE libraries for delivery to your home library. Some new and special collections are restricted from interlibrary loans.

Requests for pickup at a NOBLE academic library should be made using an academic library card. Requests for pickup at a NOBLE library should be made using a NOBLE public library card.